Second Grade

Welcome to your child’s 2nd grade classroom! One of my greatest joys will be teaching your child. Each day I will do my best to ensure that your child feels loved, safe and excited about school. I am excited to work with you and your child as a team to ensure that she reaches her fullest potential in second grade.

In 2nd grade your child will:

  • learn about the Holy Trinity, the 10 Commandments, and the seven sacraments.
  • do experiments that will excite her through Mystery Science lessons about biodiversity, plants, erosion, and properties of matter!
  • read Studies Weekly articles about government, geography, economics, and history.
  • learn about adding and subtracting 2 and 3 digit numbers.
  • learn how to count pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters.
  • learn how to measure the length of an object and how to tell time to the nearest 5 minutes.
  • learn about short vowels, digraphs, long vowels, diphthongs, and r controlled vowels through Words Their Way.
  • talk about how characters in fiction books change throughout the story and how they respond to challenges.
  • learn about text features in nonfiction books to locate facts.
  • take Accelerated Reader (AR) tests in her classroom after she read AR specific books.

Daily your child will use her own Chromebook computer to practice her math facts, take AR tests, and write papers on Google Docs.

Your child will also participate in the Safer Older Smarter Program with the CAN Council. Safer Older Smarter gives children the knowledge and skills needed to keep themselves safe around strangers and in uncomfortable situations. And, Mr. Heim, a dentist, comes into our classroom in February to teach us about dental health

Each month your child will learn about a new virtue that she will learn about during morning announcements and throughout our day. Your child will learn about virtues such as generosity, gratitude, obedience, prayerfulness, docility, foresight, temperance, and humility. All teachers at AACS work together to help yours and all students to grow in their faith.

Before she leaves our classroom, your child should know how to make goals for herself. Each month, she will think of a monthly goal that she would want to accomplish by the end of the month. It can be personal or academic. She can also think of strategies that she will do to meet her goal. As a class, we make one class goal each month and strategies we will use to accomplish our goal.