First Grade

In 1st grade your child will be educated in whole: body, mind, and soul. We focus on how we are children of God and God has a plan for each one of us. First grade works on prayers and how praying means “talking to God” which we do daily. As your child’s teacher I try to make a connection with my students to help them feel like part of our classroom community. I love seeing the excitement on your child’s face when he discovers he can read words for the first time or makes a connection to a story. Your first grade child is at such a fun age and will be part of a group of students eager to learn and soak up everything going on in his classroom. His classroom is structured and yet open to all kinds of learning. He will have high expectations but I will seek to help him reach those expectations.

During 1st grade your child:

  • add and subtract to 20
  • create their own graphs
  • work on place value to 100
  • sort words by spelling patterns
  • learn about informational reading and writing including opinion writing (one of the kids favorites)
  • work on blends, digraphs, CVC words, CVCe words
  • learn about the sun, moon, and stars
  • learn about animals and how they live

We also have several fun activities and field trip through the year including:

  • Animal Science Reports and 3D animals
  • Wax Museum of famous people
  • Field Trip to Pumpkin Farm
  • Field Trip to Chippewa Nature Center
  • Dr. Seuss Day