Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten

Welcome to the amazing world of Kindergarten where your child will grow and learn with their teacher and classmates. You will soon see that Kindergarten is an amazing year of growth as your child continues to learn about letters, numbers, and being a child of God.

Throughout the Kindergarten year, your child will work on:

  • Number formation (1-20)
  • Simple addition and subtraction (0-10)
  • 2D and 3D shapes
  • Letter recognition and sounds
  • Phonemic awareness and phonics
  • Reading strategies
  • Sentence writing
  • Our faith, our church, and prayers
  • Weather patterns, plants and animals, push and pull
  • Our Community

During the school year your child usually will take two field trips. A fall trip usually takes us to the local pumpkin farm or apple orchard and the spring trip takes us to the children’s museum. Throughout the school year your child will do numerous fun activities to expose her to higher order thinking. She will see how germs are everywhere around us. She will look at how to disguise a turkey so he isn’t at Thanksgiving and how you can actually grow sprouts without dirt. Your child will work on spreading God’s love with a few community service projects throughout the year (making placemats for seniors living in assisted living centers, making poppy wreaths for veterans, and as a school sending prayer cards monthly to the homebound).

When your child is part of our early childhood education program her days will be filled with excitement and wonder. Light bulb moments happen so quickly and it’s great to share those experiences with your child, as well as you the parent. In our classroom your child will be taught that each child God makes is different and we work to make your child successful and happy while she is in our classroom. We become your child’s school family and take care of them each day like they are our own.