Faculty and Staff

Mrs. Kim Buchmann is the Preschool teacher and child care director.  She has been at AACs for 21 years.  She enjoys spending time with her 18 month old granddaughter and watching her development since she is such a joy and a real blessing. Mrs. Buchmann is an avid Michigan sports fan. Go Blue!

Mrs. Jessica Spencer is our Junior and Kindergarten teacher.  She has been at AACS for 4 years  in the Early childhood field since 2008. She tries to be a runner and is also learning golf.

Mrs. Katie Mocny is our 1st grade teacher.  She has been at AACS for 12 years in 1st grade,  but also taught 7 years at St. Helen in Saginaw before it closed and 4 years at Britton Macon Schools She loves the Green Bay Packers and in her free time  enjoys spending time scrapbooking.

Mrs. Lauren Heim is our Second Grade teacher.  This is her ninth year of teaching. This is her third year at AACS.  She started her student teaching at St. John in Essexville and has taught in Oxford, MI, Arizona, and Illinois.  She is now  teaching second grade at AACS and loves it!  In 2008 she went to World Youth Day in Sydney, Australia and 2011 to Madrid, Spain and  was only a few feet from Pope Benedict in Sydney.  While she was there she ate kangaroo and emu on pizza.

Mrs. Lori Salinas is our Third Grade teacher.  This is her ninth  year at AACS and after teaching  16 years at St. Anne in Linwood.  She  went to Catholic Schools Kindergarten–12th grade and has spent her entire teaching career in Catholic schools. I love to read and the Harry Potter series is her favorite.

Ms. Melissa Sylvester is our Fourth Grade teacher.  This is her first year at AACS after teaching at St. Michael’s for 12 years.  Country music is her favorite type of  music and she has gone to Country Music Association Fest in Nashville for several years.  

Mrs. Tammy Nelson is our Fifth grade teacher.  She has been at AACS for 4 months.  She has 15 grandchildren and is a retired Army Captain.

Mr. Clark Switalski is our Principal at AACS and has been here since 2019.  As a student, he attended St. Mary’s Catholic School in Gaylord.  Mr. Switalski enjoys watching movies and staying up on current technology.  

Ms. Chrissy Clare is our Teacher Aide and Aftercare Teacher.  This is her 5th year at AACS and she worked at a daycare for 3 years before.  She has 6 siblings who all have attended AACS starting in 1998.